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Pattern of ocular diseases among patients attending ophthalmic outpatient department: A cross-sectional study

Sewunet Ademe* and Afework Edmealem

Published: 29 September, 2020 | Volume 4 - Issue 1 | Pages: 049-053

Background: Ocular diseases affect every individual in this world, with the only difference being in the pattern of occurrence of disease depending on age, gender, region, and climatic conditions. In Ethiopia there is shortage of literatures stating pattern of ocular diseases which is very important for planning preventive, curative and rehabilitative health service concerning prevalence of eye problems.

Objective: This study is aimed to determine the pattern of eye diseases at Borumeda Hospital, Amhara region, Ethiopia from July 10 to December 15, 2018.

Method: Institutional based cross- sectional retrospective study was conducted among 384 patients attending in ophthalmic OPD of Borumeda primary hospital. Nine hundred three newly diagnosed patients who were registered on OPD registration book in the study period were study population. Systematic random sampling was conducted to select study participants from study population. The collected data were then analyzed using descriptive statistics (mean and frequency percentage).

Results: From all study participants who had ocular disorders 92(24%) of them were came by Allergic conjunctivitis, followed by cataract 16.9%, refractory disorders 13%, Glaucoma 7.1%, infective conjunctivitis 4.7%, Pterygium 3.1%, Blepharitis 3.1%, NLDO 2.6%, Pseudoaphekia 2.4% and Corneal opacity 2.1%.

Conclusion: Significant number of patients 182(47.5%) of them came for treatment of adnexa (lid, margin, conjunctiva, lacrymal system) disorders. So every health professional should be responsible to deliver preventive, curative and rehabilitative services to control the most prevalent ocular disorders.

Significance of study: This study will be very important for health managers to distribute medical resources and staffs according to the prevalence of ocular disorders. This study result will be useful for health care workers for planning preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services for those common eye disorders.

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Pattern; Ocular disease; Morbidity; Borumeda Hospital; Ethiopia


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