Case Report

Eye Banking a Boon in Eye Health Care Services and Vision Restoration and Corneal Tattooing for Aesthetic Purposes

Shripat Dixit*, Reva Kanash and Hema Joshi

Published: 20 June, 2023 | Volume 7 - Issue 1 | Pages: 001-002

Eye donation and eye banking are a boon in eye health care services for visual rehabilitation and corneal tattooing aesthetic purpose in post-trauma corneal opacities.
A young female reported to our hospital with a complaint of corneal opacity and difficulty in closing her left eye. On examination, she was diagnosed with a “Corneal scar with an Inadvertent bleb”. The patient reported a history of corneoscleral injury for more than four years. A slit lamp examination showed a corneal scar with a micro leak at the inferotemporal scleral region.

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Inadvertent bleb; Scleral patch graft


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